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Sunrise SunsetDuring the spring and summer I see fabulous sunsets from the beach, two minutes walk from my home. The sun sets behind the islands of the inner Hebrides, turning the sea to molten gold. But from late August on, thanks to the progression of our planet around the sun, it sets behind the headland, out of sight.

Luckily, I came across this beautiful book – Sunrise, Sunset: 52 Weeks of Awe & Gratitude which has the most gorgeous photographs of the sun rising and falling in the Floridian sky.

Designed to offer inspiration for a full year, I found myself hungrily going from one page to the next, keen to devour each painted sky. The talented photographer, Kim Weiss, has captured a rich variety of skies, no two the same yet each with the familiarity of a shared memory. She has managed to capture the magnificence and awe of our beautiful sky.

The second time I opened the book I took the time to read the words accompanying each photograph. There are poems, anecdotes and meditation suggestions from an impressive variety of authors, counsellors, coaches and spiritual leaders. No one religion is favoured and I loved the inclusiveness of the contributors. Some of their words moved me more than others – of course they did – but there is merit in each contribution. My favourite words are from Joanne McCall and they accompany a photograph of a dawn sky, striated by candy clouds.

Mindfulness is becoming a popular practice for the 21st century and this little book would be a beautiful source of images and words to prompt one’s daily meditation.