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the-photographer-9781471165320_hrI have been a Craig Robertson fan since his debut novel Random. His new book, The Photographer, is up to his usual high standard.

A young woman is attacked and raped in her own home. She is badly beaten and when she wakes up after the traumatic event she remembers that each time her attacker punched her, he called her a slag. The suspect of her rape is a well known Glasgow business man. When his home is searched the police find boxes of photographs of young woman, none of whom appear to know that they have been photographed going about their business on Glasgow’s busy streets. The photos are deemed inadmissible during his trial and he walks free. But DI Narey can’t let the case go, even when she is targeted by Twitter trolls who threaten her and her baby daughter. She made a promise to protect the victim and is haunted by her failure. Meanwhile, her husband and journalist Tony Winter decides to do some investigating of his own without telling Narey. Will they be able to bring this rapist to justice before any more women are hurt?

I love the familiar Glasgow settings of Robertson’s books. He brings in just enough description to anchor the story in the city I love, but not so much as to alienate non-weegies. The characters are believable and The Photographer’s antagonist is as repulsive a character as I’ve read in a long time.

The author shows the power of social media, for bad and good, and I was left feeling unsettled and just a bit vulnerable when he showed just how easy it would be for someone to follow me and record doing so.

Narey and Winter make a good team, personally and professionally, and it’s nice to see their relationship changing and growing as the books are published. It’s also good to find a sleuth who isn’t dysfunctional in some way.

I’m often surprised that a TV company hasn’t caught up with Mr Robertson’s books as his thrilling novels seem ripe for adaptation. I’ve certainly watched stories just as graphic as his and Glasgow is surely due a new detective series?

I do hope that Craig Robertson is busy working on his next book. I’ll be near the front of the queue waiting for more from this master of Tartan Noir.