download (1)I picked up this book to read because of the author. I had read and loved NOS4R2, Heart Shaped Box, The Fireman, and was looking forward to reading his new novel. I soon realised, however, that rather than a full length novel, this book was a collection of 4 novellas, all connected with the theme of Strange Weather.

Rain: Imagine one day that it started raining sharp crystalline shards that punched through cars and roofs and skulls. What is causing it and how far would you go to find out?

Loaded: America and gun control is a hot topic and a mall cop shooting during a heatwave has repercussions for more than the people who were shot.

Snapshot: In Silicon Valley you might expect technology to be on the cutting edge of innovation, but a Polaroid camera that steals memories?

AloftA young man takes his first parachute jump to impress a girl, but when things go wrong and he lands on a cloud? And when this cloud is intelligent? Well, what would you do?

I thoroughly enjoyed all four of these stories and the book could only have been improved for me if they were related to each other more than thematically.

This is a good read while we wait for the next full length Joe Hill novel to arrive.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.