ElmetLiterature is full of less than conventional families. One such recent book was My Absolute Beauty, a book that enthralled and disturbed in equal measure. Add to this list Elmet, and the story of Daniel who is heading north, looking for someone important.

The story is told in flashback. Daniel and his older sister Cathy live in a house built by their father when he’s back from the unlicensed fighting he did to earn money. Their father told them that the land had been their mother’s and so the house he built on it was theirs, come what may. But the outside world has a way of intruding into all families and a rich and immoral landowner is soon staking his own claim to their little paradise. The outcome is violent and disturbing and the story is so very well written.

I loved Daniel, identified with him, but I admired Cathy who was harder and sadder than any child should have to be. Ms Mozely made the forest come alive for me and I was deeply youched by the ending.

This is a brilliant book and greatly deserved it’s Booker Prize nomination.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.