Eleanor Oliphant is a 30 year old woman who works as a clerk in a graphic design company. She has a first class honours degree in the Classics, scars on one side of her face and a vodka problem. Her social skills are almost non-existent but this doesn’t stop her from judging the skills of others and, in almost every instance, finding them wanting. If you were to look up the word quirky in the dictionary, I’m pretty sure you’d find Eleanor Oliphant. A more irritating and unlikable character I have yet to find this year. I got to around the half-way point, considering giving up on the book at the end of each chapter, but I persevered and I am very glad I did.

While I spent a fair proportion of the book wanting to slap Ms. Oliphant, I ended up rooting for her. The supporting characters were well drawn and while the speed at which character change occurred is a tad unbelievable, the reasoning behind the changes seemed valid to me.

This book is undemanding, an easy read, but it left me with the warm and fuzzies and that can’t be bad.

A word to publishers: enough with the quirky book titles, please!