51pxOFPbcnLThe 19th century may be drawing to a close but for Inspector Tom Harper of Leeds, crime shows no sign of  ending.  Harper not only has to deal with the death of an old lag, just out of gaol and an acid attack on a 13 year old lad in his ex-partner’s wife’s bakery, but an unexpected promotion threatens to take him away from the streets he loves and into the office where paperwork takes over.

As usual, Nickson’s characters are well rounded and believable and I especially love the relationship between Tom and his suffragist wife Annabelle. As with all his historical fiction, the author’s sense of place shines through his prose and I could almost taste the air of industrial Leeds.

I can honestly say I didn’t see the denouement coming and I thoroughly loved the book.

I do hope Mr. Nickson won’t make us wait too long for the sixth instalment.