CWF_72dpiI like to craft. I consider myself a feminist. This should be my ideal book, yes? Well, no. Far from it, actually.

According to the author, if you can stick googly eyes on a salt shaker, you’re a crafter. Erm…maybe, but do I need a book where that is the standard of crafting on offer? Some of the items suggested are quite fun – a tampon buddy, for example. Why shouldn’t you have some fun with a necessary item? It’s just a shame that the buddies made from the book’s instructions are so amateurish and could have been made during craft hour by any eight year old.

Do we really need vagina tree ornaments to prove our feminist credentials? I mean, they’re not even vajazzled! Where’s the fun in that? The worst item in the book is the Drinking Dames Flask. The level of crafting in that is pitiful.

The projects are interspersed by pages of feminist stuffing that add little to the book.

I usually refuse to review books I don’t enjoy, but I’d hate for someone to purchase this thinking they were getting a great ‘how-to’ book.

Am I letting down the sisterhood? Nah, I’m doing you a favour.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in return for an honest review.