BlocksOh dear, it seems I’m the odd one out when it comes to my opinion of A Boy Made of Blocks by Keith Stuart. While I have read nothing but praise for this book, I’m afraid it left me cold.

Alex’s marriage has broken down, mainly due to his unwillingness – or inability – to be more hands on with the care of his autistic son, Sam. Forced to look after him one evening, Alex sees that his son has discovered Minecraft and they use this as a way to connect with each other. Which is great. And I stopped reading about a third of the way through.

I found I couldn’t care for Alex or Sam or his wife, his sister, his friend whose spare room he moves to… For me, this is key. If the main characters in a book don’t provoke some kind of emotional response from me, I find it difficult to get involved in their lives and find no reason to read on.

I have to say that I suffer from depression and am experiencing a depressive episode just now. This may have clouded my opinion of the book, especially when you consider that other reviewers are raving about it. But I am reading another book just now which I am loving so maybe Stuart’s book just isn’t right for me right now.

It was competently written but, regrettably, not for me.

I was given a copy by Netgalley in return for an honest review.