hourglass-factory-9781471139307_hrFrankie George is a woman trying to make it in the man’s world of 1912 London. She wears a suit and tie and keeps her hair short and fights against being given the frilly stories to write at the newspaper at which she works.

When corset-wearing, trapeze artist Ebony Diamond goes missing, Frankie decides to investigate and is soon led into a world of tigers (real and fake), poison, extreme corsetry and just a little bit of deviancy. Everything about this book says it should be right up my street, but…

I felt unable to truly sympathise with the main character. I had the feeling that I had to be reading Book two in a series and that all the backstory had been exposed in the first book. This left me feeling vaguely unsatisfied and that’s a real shame.

Ms. Ribchester’s writing is easy to read and the dialogue felt real, but for me, the characters never leapt out from the page in the way I would have wished.

Great story and competently written. Just not for me.