51LzxX-ST1L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_I have read several of Brookmyre’s earlier novels but this is the first Parlabane story I’ve tackled, and what a treat it was.

Jack Parlabane, an investigative journalist tarnished by the recent real-life press investigations, finds himself unhirable and wanted for questioning by the police. He is surprised to be offered a job by the younger sister of an old friend, now a band manager in the music business for an exciting new band with a charismatic female lead. But when she asks him to sign a non-disclosure agreement before even telling him what she wants him to look into, his interest is piqued.

It seemed that just weeks before the release of their new and highly anticipated album, the lead singer Heike Gunn has disappeared and no one must know or the band’s potential success could be at risk. In fact, even her own band members don’t know she’s gone awol.

What follows is a race across Europe, retracing the steps of Savage Earth Heart’s tour, looking for clues to the whereabouts of the missing singer.

The story is also told from a second viewpoint of Monica, the young fiddler who joined the band immediately before the tour and has kept a diary of what happened.

I immediately liked Parlabane but took a while to feel affinity for the other characters and I think this is exactly how the author wanted it. We get to know the main characters slowly until we feel we know them as intimately as the author himself.

I have to admit to a special liking for “Spammy”, the Glaswegian sound engineer, but that may just Weegie solidarity. He is hilarious.

I now plan on reading the previous books in the Parlabane series and I hope Mr. Brookmyre will write more.

Highly recommended.