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The-Last-Mile-790x1256When aliens arrive on earth, evil and violent, things change. Vegetation withers, birds fall from the sky. The alien gods need to be fed, they need humans, and in order to get them, they need human minions to bring them.

Dan is one of these unfortunate people, forced to bring sacrifices to the Masters in order to protect his wife and daughter. He picks up Alice and, hands and feet bound, takes her in his car to his particular “contact.” But they have an accident not far from the rendezvous and they have to make the last mile on foot, and Alice will not go easily to her fate.

There is a lot to like about this book. It shares some similarities with Tim Curran’s Blackout, but for me, The Last Mile isn’t as good.

There isn’t a great deal of specific violence in the book but what little there is seems…pornographic. In order to make Dan do as he’s told the gods force his wife to masturbate with the contents of the cutlery drawer. And if they can force her to violate herself in this way, why do they need thralls to do their dirty work for them?

I was left feeling rather unsatisfied by the logical inconsistencies of the novella but in the spirit of full disclosure, I am suffering an upper respiratory infection and read this book during the night when I couldn’t sleep for coughing. That may have soured my mood a little.

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